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On the beach in Promajna
On the beach in Promajna
Promajna is a popular vacation destination of Makarska Riviera, located at the foothills of the Biokovo mountain range, between Makarska and the Baško Polje part of Baška Voda. Its immediate neighbor on the eastern side is Bratuš. Compared to the bigger places of the riviera (Brela, Baška Voda, Makarska) Promajna has the significant advantage of being less crowded even during the highest season: there is no daily fight for areas on its beach. Promajna's neighbors are Bratuš on the eastern, Baško Polje and Baška Voda on the western side.

The gravel beach extends almost all of Promajna's coastline, it's about 500-600 meters long. The most popular part is the one directly below the village, along the seaside promenade. Still, we'd suggest to walk 100 or 200 meters west from the main beach, towards Baško Polje and Baška Voda. Here one would find quiet, almost private spots with the most attractive pieces of the coast. This area is designated for naturist guests, too, still, it's rather eventual to find people with optional clothing. Walking along the promenade here west of Promajna and above the fantastic coast and beaches one would cross Baško Polje and could get to Baška Voda.

Accommodation options in Promajna start with Hotel Conté - while its size barely puts it above the residence buildings with more apartments, the services and amenities offered by Conté are clearly above that level. There is no shortage of private vacation apartments and rooms for rent in Promajna. The vast majority of these rentals are either new or brand new - in fact, it's hard to find old buildings in the whole village.

The standard venue of daily shopping is Konzum's (Croatia's favorite grocery chain) supermarket. There is a choice of several restaurants to dine and drink - most of these are located in the western side of the settlement. As activities in Promajna are centered around the beach, most of the bars, bakeries, greengrocer stands are found on the promenade, right above the beach.

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The eastern side of Promajna's long gravel beach
The eastern side of Promajna's long gravel beach

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